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New Health Plan

Republicans replaced the Affordable Care Act this week. It was a major step. This law was originally enacted in 2010 by President Obama. Republicans created this policy but many hate this new Health Plan.

Moderates on the left show no interest in the new Health Plan either. It is unusual however for a bill to receive so much critique from the members of the party who created it.

Senator Rand Paul called it a “water-downed” version of Obamacare. ┬áPaul said that the new Health Care Plan puts enormous strain on the federal government.

It has been called the “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017”. The Trump administration has bragged that the new plan has removed parts of Obamacare that citizens do not like. For example, being fined if they do not purchase coverage. This is inaccurate. The penalty does apply however as Americans will need to pay their insurance provider and not the government.

Tom Price, Under Secretary for Health and Human services pointed to the 900 page 2010 document and he brought attention to the slimmer version of the 2017 plan. Mr. Price stated that the new plan probably will not cover birth control. It has been suggested that Republicans will make sure that the plan is financially viable by not covering contraception.

Other Senators from Alaska and Ohio believe that the legislation will harm Medicaid recipients. Their reasoning is that it does not rely heavily enough on the federal government.

Democrats claim that the replacement plan will not protect vulnerable Americans. There will be a cut on Planned Parenthood. This provides millions of people with access to mammograms, cancer screening and maternity care. It furthermore reduces protection for young people, LGBTQ people, persons of colour, rural communities and low income groups.

Refundable tax credits, based on a person’s age and income will be introduced to assist an individual to buy insurance, if they do not have it through their employer. People under 30 get $2000 a year, and over 60s can claim R4000.

Large employers will no longer be forced to insure their employees.

Under Trumpcare, fines are removed however insurance companies can charge a 30 per cent premium if cover is allowed to lapse for 63 days or more.

Insurance companies can set their own prices. Older people could pay five times the amount charged for younger consumers.

Medicaid will be rolled back. This program serves the most needy such as disabled people and very low-income groups.

Planned Parenthood funding will be phased out.

How much will it cost?

No figures have been given as yet.