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Home Cyber Attacks

The Risk of Home Cyber Attacks:

Eighty per cent of US consumers have connectedness through a home data network. This is increasing the risk of home cyber attacks.

A survey from The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company found that connected devices include music systems, smart televisions, security cameras, door locks, alarms, lighting and home automation.

New targets:

Up until now, home cyber attacks have been fairly uncommon. However, criminals are always on the look out for new targets. Basic measures such as changing passwords are neglected by homeowners thus paving the way for an increase in home cyber attacks.

Once criminals have access, they can steal personal and financial information. They can hold computer files for ransom. Furthermore anything from webcams and smart TVs can be hijacked.

Unless you secure your router, you are a target for cyber crime. They will use your internet service for free and use your network for criminal activities.

For your protection you should : –

1. Change the name of your router. The default ID, called a service set identifier (SSID) is assigned by the manufacturer. Change your router to a name that is unique to you.
2. Change the pre-set password on your router.
3. When you choose your router’s level of security, opt for WPA2 or WPA. They are more secure than the WEP option.
4. Some routers allow for guests to use the network via a separate password. If you have many visitors to your home, its a good idea to set up a guest network.
5. Firewalls help keep hackers from using your computer to send out your personal information without your permission. While anti-virus software scans incoming email and files, a firewall is like a guard. It is watching for attempts to access your system and block communication with sources you do not permit.