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Singapore drivers

AIG has launched a nationwide search to find the best Singapore drivers. They are using “AIG on the Go”, a telematics-based smartphone application.

A driver’s performance is scored each time they get behind the wheel. Telematics measures driving performance against a range of factors. These factors are acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.

The app provides a score for each completed journey. Useful driving tips are given to the driver. The app allows drivers to influence their AIG Singapore car insurance premiums by improving their driver behaviour.

Safe drivers with high scores will be given discounts up to 15 percent off their yearly AIG Singapore car insurance premiums and there is a $10,000 prize for the safest driver.

More than half the drivers in Singapore say they feel unsafe on the roads. Injury accidents rose from 8058 to 8277 in 2016. This shows an upward trend of 2.7 percent.

AIG hopes to help Singapore drivers to cultivate good road safety habits. Traffic accidents will therefore be reduced with the bonus of dollar savings.

Participants can also enter a man vs woman driving competition. It ends on 30 April 2017. The debate about which is the safer driver will be brought to an end.

In addition, AIG found that younger drivers are more reckless. Thus they have a parental control feature on the app. Parents will be able to track their children’s driving behaviour.

A survey showed that almost 70 percent of Singapore drivers would consider installing a telematics device in return for lower premiums. More than 50 percent of the drivers are sure that telematics would improve their driving habits.

Further assistance on the app includes roadside assistance and directions to workshops.

AIG Singapore has also launched a road safety programme for pre-schoolers. This is in order to cultivate a generation of safer road users with good safety habits. This programme is in partnership with the Traffic Police. To date 4000 pre-schoolers have been taught road safety rules. Another 900 pre-schoolers will be taught in 2017.