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Fitness data

People can earn cash from their health insurance company. They would wear a fitness tracking device. They would then share data with their health insurance company.

United Healthcare has devised a strategy for clients. People can choose to wear a fitness tracking device  under certain coverage plans.  They then share their data with the insurance company.

Qualcomm Life analyses the data.  This company processes medical data from wireless sensors. Doctors, hospitals and insurance companies can subsequently receive the data. Active participants are able to earn as much as $1500 towards healthcare services each year.

People are very interested in wearing fitness trackers.  Those devices will help people increase life expectancy.  Health devices will eventually be able to diagnose illnesses. Furthermore fitness data could be used unfortunately to deny coverage or increase rates.

A fitbit tracker could warn a person of the presence of a virus. For example, if the device measures a decrease in the number of steps, plus an elevated resting heart rate.

An insurance company could send a message to the patient if it has access to that data. The patient could be directed to go to a doctor or urgent care clinic. Therefore the patient would be on the mend sooner.

There are clinical trials underway using fitbit data. The trials deal with a number of conditions. These conditions are diabetes, cancer, arthritis and cystic fibrosis.

When these studies are made public, researchers and doctors will thus be able to identify signals of specific diseases. The devices can help individuals change their daily habits to become healthier. Insurance companies would save money. They could therefore pass savings to their clients.

Unfortunately, the devices could also provide reasons for denying coverage to the inactive and unhealthy or increasing insurance premiums.