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What Will A Trump Presidency Mean for Healthcare IT Systems?

John Halamka served in both the Bush and Obama administrations, and has several ideas about what the Trump era means for healthcare information systems. Here are some of his notions of what happens next:

  1. More funds available for innovation (due to reduced taxes)
  2. Elimination of some regulations
  3. Free market competition increases, political infighting around Medicare drug price negotiation decreases
  4. Repatriation of offshore tax dollars creates inflow of cash
  5. Streamlining of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare): “it’s likely that it will simply be amended to reduce the focus on health insurance exchanges.  There will be no public option for health coverage.   Private payers will be encouraged to offer products across state lines.   Pre-existing conditions will still be covered.   Children will be covered on their parents health plans until age 26.”
  6. States benefit from Medicaid reforms and cost savings
  7. Reduced FDA scrutiny of new products
  8. FTC enforcement actions relaxed
  9. NIH funding might be cut
  10. The transition from fee for service to value-based purchasing continues

John provides this advice:

remain agile, keep calm, and assume that many Obama-era health care IT programs will persist.    Focus on reducing total medical expense, measuring quality across the community, providing stakeholders with tools that are valuable to them, spreading the burden of data capture among teams of caregivers, and enhancing interoperability.