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Internet of Things

Robotic vehicles, eyeglasses that email and trash cans that call for pick up. These are some of the aspects of the Internet of Things.

The race into the Internet of Things is on.  Google and Bayerische Motoren Werke AG are only two of the companies in this race. As a result  there is concern by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Trade Commission.    Devices may be vulnerable to hacking.  This could lead to the misuse of personal data.  Furthermore, they could cause physical harm to the owners of these devices.

The McKinsey Global Institute, a research arm for New York-based consulting firm McKinsey and Company Inc., stated the following. The market for wireless, inter-connected devices could create between $2.7 trillion and $6.2 trillion of economic value by 2025.

A computer security company  in Tacoma, Washington, stated that  devices connected to the Internet may involve hackers.  These hackers could remotely take control of appliances inside homes.    Furthermore create vehicles to kill people. This is the dark side of the Internet of Things.

Former U. S. Vice President Dick Cheney said in CBS’s “60 Minutes” program that the defibrillator he had implanted in 2007 had its wireless feature disabled because he feared terrorists could use it to kill him.

In February 2015, a revelation was revealed that hackers could remotely seize control of over a million Chrysler automobiles.   A stark warning threfore that life in an ultra-networked world could be very dark and dangerous.

Two network engineers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek used an Internet-connected computer to take control of a Chrysler Jeep Cherokee driving down a highway in St. Louis. A reporter for the technology magazine “Wired” sat helpless in the driver’s seat.  Miller and Valasek activated the windshield wipers, turned the radio and air conditioning up full blast and disengaged the car’s transmission to thus make the vehicle undriveable. All this was done from Miller’s basement, 10 miles away.