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Distracted driving

Researchers analysed data from more than 900 crashes. Researchers found that distracted driving is on the increase.

Distraction, error, impairment and fatigue caused ninety percent of accidents

Drivers who committed the following errors were considered dangerous: –

Reading or writing while driving;
A driver reaching for an item (increased risk by nine times);
Any driver reaching for a cellphone (increased risk by six times);
Some drivers browsing on the phone or reading emails (increased risk by three times);
The driver dialling increased the risk by twelve times.

Distracted driving caused 2,955 accidents in 2014. 431,000 people were injured. 404 people died in fatal crashes that involved the use of cellphones.

Cellphone companies are considering developing preventive technology. This technology aims to stop people from receiving calls and texting while driving. The technology is intended to limit dangerous distractions. It interrupts service so that people do not answer their phones when they are behind the wheel.

One carrier has introduced a valuable service when a phone is detected in a moving car. This feature disables rings and alerts. It thereafter sends calls to voicemail.

Researchers at the University of Utah reached various conclusions about cellphone use. They concluded that talking on a cellphone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk. Furthermore this applied even if the phone is hands-free. Motorists who talked on hands-free cellphones were 18 per cent slower in braking.  These drivers took 27 per cent longer to regain their speed when they had applied brakes.

Employers are concerned about employees using cellphones whist driving. They are worried that they may be held liable for accidents. Work-related conversations could be conducted by their employees whilst behind the wheel.

Many companies have created cellphone usage policies. Some companies  insist that employees pull over to the side of the road to conduct cellphone conversations. Other companies have completely banned the use of all wireless devices.

If one considers the amount of accidents caused by distracted driving, it should be up to cellphone manufacturers to issue warnings to owners of mobile phones.