Surfing Insurance

Whether a surfer is travelling with a surf company or alone, here are the main reasons for taking out surfing insurance.

* The insurance provides medical cover in case of injuries;
* These policies cover a surfer against personal liability if a surfer hurts somebody else
* A surfer’s board is covered for board damage.

A number of providers offer this type of insurance, for example:-

* World Nomads:

Surfing insurance is available to travellers from over 150 countries. This insurance is designed for adventurous travellers.  It covers  overseas medical evacuation, baggage and activities.  Examples are surfing, skiing and snowboarding.

Surfing is fun but also dangerous. Medical cover is the most important part of surfing insurance. Simple medical treatment abroad can cost a small fortune. A surfer may have to be airlifted. It maybe from some tropical surf spot.  Furthermore smashing into a reef can be accidental.  Extreme sports are often excluded under basic cover. The activity of surfing has to be specified.

A surfer needs protection against hurting someone else.  This insurance provides Personal Liability Cover.

Rogue baggage handlers may result in the loss or damage of a surf board. The insured should check that surf gear is covered for its true value, i. e. particularly expensive surf boards.

A surfer may have questions that need answers about his insurance:

Am I covered if I get bitten by a shark or bash into coral?

The policy provides cover for such encounters. An insurance provider, however, may reject a claim if surfing took place at a known shark breeding ground or on a dangerous reef.

Am I insured if someone surfs over me?

Yes. In this instance you are covered.

Does travel insurance cover me if I surf Mavericks?

Because  a surfer puts himself at risk his  ability to claim may be affected. The insurer will therefore thoroughly investigate all claims to determine if a surfer put himself in danger.

Unfortunately, the surfer cannot obtain insurance against flat spells.